Dear Pancreas:

Contrary to popular belief, I have not been destroyed by your minions. This battle isn't over yet.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

When I'm sitting down to eat...

I am not expecting the Spanish Inquisition.  I have had Type 1 for over 15 years and I have had my share of food police and then some.

Well, the other day I sat down to some turkey soup.  It really didn't have that much turkey for protein, so I picked some ham out of the freezer and thawed it to increase my protein.  I also set down my food scale to weigh my items.  And it quite literally went like this:

"What's that?"

"A food scale." 

"Why are you using it?" 

"To weigh my food." 

"Have you done this for a while?"

"It's fairly recent." 

"Where'd you get the ham?"

"The freezer."

"Why did you get the ham?" 

"To add protein to my food." 

"Are you on some kind of diet?"


"Then why would you eat more meat? ...educate me."

At this point, I gave him the "death stare," as in-- ask me one more question about my food and I will kill you with my laser beam eyes.

Things like this make me utterly pissed off because of the loaded guilt and feeling of being scrutinized for every God damned food choice you make.  It's a feeling that I'm sure most diabetics have experienced in their life--  and it's not a one-time deal.  

I almost feel like making a stop sign to have at the dinner table:  "Diabetic Police Banned" or "Mind your own food."

I don't mind answering questions about diabetes and food choices, but I do mind when I'm trying to enjoy dinner--- give me a break.  I think about diabetes 24/7.  I deserve to have a moment of peace after I've counted my exchanges and weighed my food.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The "E" Word

Dear Endocrine Office:

I've been re-evaluating my diabetes control-- or lack there of, and I've come to some conclusions that I think could have been reached a lot sooner....

One night, I began thinking about the specific carb counting.  How everything you eat you have to look up on the package, get a calculator, and add it all up.  I starting thinking that there were other ways diabetics maintained control.  There's got to be more the one way to skin a cat. . .

I remembered back in the day when I was diagnosed, when everything was based on exchanges.  That's right, I said the "E" word.  I began refreshing myself about how the exchange system worked and how foods were grouped into different categories, but they pretty much had the same amount of carbs-- give or take a little bit.

I was also thinking of my lifestyle and how time consuming it is to look up specific carbs and hope you've counted correctly for intensive therapy.  I thought about how it simply wasn't working for me.   I reviewed my sensor overlay and the average high was 396 and the average low was 196.  It just wasn't working.  And I began thinking about how easy it would be to say.... look at a normal slice of bread and think "1" exchange.  Half a banana.... another exchange.  And how easy it would be to just go into the Revel and click the button 2 times, and tada!

I think looked into my pump, the Revel, and noticed that they had an option for exchanges as well!  And thus I started the great experiment.

I went on youtube and found a few good exchange videos explaining the deal and I got a small pocket diabetic exchange book from the ADA.

I have noticed major differences already.

1.  Last night was the first night that my blood sugar didn't go through the roof while I was sleeping.
2.  Last nights dinner I had 2/3 cup pasta, salad, and 2 one ounce pieces of garlic bread.  Under regular carb counting, my two hour blood sugar would be at least 250 if not higher.  Well, when I did the exchange method, I was 119 after my two hour reading.

So, I've decided each week I'm going to use my sensor daily overlay to compare the week based on my current experiment.  The picture below is the week where I didn't start the exchange system until the last day.

If this works, then I'll continue to use this system.  Just because one treatment works good for some people, doesn't mean it will work better for everyone....

So here's to the "E" word!

Sensory Daily Overlay:  The Week Before I changed to the exchange system.

Yours Truly,
Beta Cell Bandit.